Co-curricular activities at DPS Rajpura are categorised into Intensives, Skill Classes and Hobby Clubs. Students are placed into each category very judiciously looking into their interest and calibre. We, at DPS Rajpura strongly believe that every child is unique and that it is imperative to identify and chisel the same to groom him/her better.


  •   Kathak
  •   Horse Riding
  •   Skating
  •   Trinity Music
  •   Table Tennis
  •   Soccer


  •   Beauty & Wellness
  •   Horticulture
  •   Artificial Intelligence
  •   Financial Literacy Market
  •   Applied Physics
  •   Health & Hygiene

Hobby Clubs

  •   Artisans
  •   Acto Mania
  •   The Tech Tribe
  •   Maths Ninja
  •   Science Musketeers
  •   The Incredibles
  •   Reading Avengers
  •   Movers and Shakers.